June 23, 2020 at 8:58am | Stacie LeCroy
Why should college kids be the only ones who get to enjoy the perks of living in a college town?  Many people think that college towns are for the young and naive future of our country, but they are wrong. College towns have so much to offer to the entire community, not just the students. So when you start looking for a new place to call home, keep these 10 benefits in mind.

1. The Price of Living 
According to usnews.com, college towns have a low cost of living because they are designed for a demographic that has little to no income, college kids. As a result, landlords set the monthly rent rates relatively low to appeal to these young adults.
Another perk for your wallet is that college towns have cheaper restaurants, stores and services to appeal to the students. Most college towns also have at least one secondhand shop or thrift store that the students keep well-stocked. 

2.   Diversity 
Most colleges pride themselves on and promote the level of diversity of their campuses. As a result of colleges attracting students and faculty from across the world, college towns become a melting pot. So if you are looking to surround yourself with a miscellany of people, a college town might be the place for you. 

3.    A Wide Variety of Dining Options 
As a result of the low cost of rent and diversification of college towns, there is usually a plethora of dining options throughout it. With more foreign students attending American colleges and universities each year, the need for different types of cuisines is growing. So whether you’re looking for an authentic Indian restaurant or street tacos or some good ole southern comfort food, college towns have endless options for you to try and usually at low prices. 

4.    Endless Entertainment 
It’s no secret that younger generations have a short attention span, so to keep their interest, college towns always have something going on. Some activities are related to the academic institution such as sporting events, concerts, guest speakers and visits from famous authors, artists and sometimes politicians. The majority of these university-held events are open to the public and are often free. 
However, there are also many activities and events hosted by the towns, not the university. For example, Williamsburg, Virginia, the home of The College of William and Mary, has a farmers’ market every Saturday morning. College towns usually have generic forms of entertainment too, like movie theaters, bowling alleys and bars. 

5. Abundant Job Opportunities 
It takes a village to run a college town, so finding a job is no big task. The colleges and universities are constantly hiring new faculty and staff for a wide range of jobs, not just teaching positions. The multitude of stores and restaurants could always use a hand as well. However, the need for nontraditional jobs, such as Uber and Lyft drivers, grows as demand for those services increase on college campus nationwide. According to AARP, there are plenty of laid-back jobs for retirees. 

6. Easy Access to Healthcare 
Many colleges and universities have medical programs which means there is usually a top-notch hospital in town. The prices of medical services at these hospitals are reasonable as a result of the students watching and learning from the doctors during the appointments. Having a university hospital nearby can also be a quick way to earn a buck because of their constant research experiments. Oftentimes, the hospitals need people to participate in their studies and pay handsomely for it. 

7. Pedestrian-Friendly 
As a result of many college kids not having cars at school or wanting to be more environmentally friendly, college towns are pedestrian-friendly. The colleges and universities have their own forms of public transportation for students, such as bus transit systems, but most towns usually have their own form of public transit. Many restaurants and stores are located within walking distance of each other and campus, like Downtown Auburn. Taking public transportation, walking or even biking around town is a great way to save money while being environmentally conscious. 

8. Educational Opportunities 
The educational classes and resources that are offered by colleges and universities aren’t just for   people between the ages of 18-22, they are for people of all ages. Whether you are looking to get a master’s degree or have finally saved up enough to attend college, moving to that college town is a great first step toward your goal. Most colleges and universities offer classes/programs for the senior citizens as well. 

9. Babysitters 
If you have young kids now or hope to have them in the future, living in a college town can make your life easier. Finding a babysitter in a college town is like looking for hay in a haystack, there are thousands of students who would be eager to help for a relatively cheap price. You might even be able to find one who is studying early childhood or elementary education. 

10. Staying Close to the Nest 
One of the perks of living in a college town is the college or university itself. If you do end up having those kids, you can keep them close to home by sending them to the local institution. Whether they live at home to save money or choose to brave the dorm life, your babies won’t be too far from the nest.

College towns provide a wide range of benefits to people of all ages. At the Talons Group, we want to help you find the right place to settle down, whether it’s close to campus or a little farther away. Make an appointment with us today to get started. 



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